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Veronica Sawyer is the female protagonist of the Broadway musical Heathers.

Early Life

The only known information on Veronica's early life is that she has been best friends with Martha Dunnstock since they were in diapers.


Veronica's appearance changes depending on the actress portraying her, but some key notes can be taken. Veronica has short to shoulder-length brunette or blonde hair styled in 80's Shag. Her outfit changes with each actress ranging from a royal blue leather jacket or blazer to a brown blazer, her shirt is always white and skirt is always a shade of gray. Her socks are always royal blue or royal blue with white and black stripes, but her shoes can be seen as both brown loafers to black heels.


Veronica is a very kind person despite wanting so desperately to be popular. She was seen to be a little squirrely at first, but still tried standing up for her friend, Martha. Even after she becomes a Heather, her personality remains mostly the same but she is more susceptible to peer pressure than seen previously. Despite not actually harming anyone herself, she allows others to be bullied and even killed when she morally felt the situation was wrong and could have stopped it, but was too pressured to conform by those around her. After the death of Kurt and Ram, Veronica breaks away from the Heathers tyranny and stands up for her friends once more, most notably when Heather Duke bullies Heather McNamara in front of everyone and Veronica stops Duke and screams at Ms. Fleming for not caring enough to stop it.


Heather Chandler

Heather commands Veronica to make her an egg drink to help with her hangover, and JD pours bleach in a different mug, offering to give that to Heather to kill her. Veronica flatly declines murdering Heather, and kisses JD for a couple seconds. Then, she mixes up the mugs, and gives the one with bleach in it to Heather, killing her instantly. Though Veronica didn't mean to, it's added to her list because she's the one who gave the mug to Heather, and wrote the suicide note. JD had noticed that she grabbed the wrong mug, but didn't say anything about it.

Kurt Kelly and Ram Sweeney

After Kurt and Ram start a rumor about her having sex with them, J.D. is angry that they made Veronica cry. He hatches a plan to create a fake suicide attempt, with a forged suicide note created by Veronica. He says that they will shoot Kurt and Ram with tranquilizer bullets, and they'll be humiliated when people think they tried to kill themselves. Instead, he kills them both with real bullets, and when Veronica notices, it's already too late. Veronica didn't pull the trigger, but she helped plot it, even if she didn't want to actually kill them.

Fake Suicide

Veronica commits a fake suicide by hanging after J.D. breaks into her room in an attempt to win her back. He explains his plans to blow up Westerburg High School and that he wants her to celebrate it with him. In a panic, Veronica ties a rope around her waist and hides it under her blazer then fastens the rope around her neck and "hangs" herself to death. It is suggested she did this in hopes that J.D. would be so devastated that he wouldn't go through with his plan. J.D. falls for her trick and truly believes she's dead, but decides to go through with his plan anyway.


Martha Dunnstock

Martha and Veronica have been "best friends since diapers," the duo was very close at the beginning and seemed to have a movie night every week. After becoming friends with the Heathers, Veronica and Martha become distant, and Martha even falls into one of the Heathers traps unfortunately with Veronica's unknowing help. Martha eventually attempts suicide by jumping off the Ole Mill bridge but survives, Veronica blames herself and profusely apologizes before seeking revenge on the Heathers. By the end of the musical, Veronica and Martha make up, and Heather McNamara joins their friend group.

The Heathers

The Heathers were originally comprised of Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, and Heather Duke, and later on joined by Veronica. After the "suicide" of H. Chandler, H. Duke takes over as lead Heather. She is more tyrannical than H. Chandler ever was and bullies H. McNamara on live television leading to her attempted suicide which was stopped by Veronica. Following the Westerburg High bombing, Veronica stripes H. Duke of her title as lead Heather and disbands the Heathers.

Jason "J.D." Dean

Veronica shows interest in him during the first few songs in the musical, Fight For Me is the song where she expresses that if he fights for her, she'll do the same for him. The two meet again at a 7/11 when Veronica is getting snacks to prepare for Ram's party, J.D. has a musical number about how much he enjoys slushies (Freeze Your Brain), describing it as "getting lost in the pain", before this, the two introduce themselves and make acquaintances of each other. After Veronica accidentally blows her chances of staying friends with the Heathers, she somehow finds the address to his house and comes into his room through the window, the two exchange a few words before having sex. (Dead Girl Walking) It's safe to assume that the two are in a relationship. At least, until the upcoming events occur.

Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2

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