The Heathers are Westerburg High School's most popular clique. The group consists of the four Heathers, aptly named Heather Chandler, Heather Duke, Heather Schneider, and Heather McNamara, and one non-Heather member, Veronica Sawyer. These four girls are among the wealthiest and most powerful students in their school.


The Heathers clique originally consisted of only the three Heathers. Veronica requested to join the the Heathers clique before the movie started, apparently for the sole purpose of gaining power in the social hiarchey that is Westerburg High.


Heather Chandler (Heather C.)

Former leader of the Heathers clique before her untimely death the morning after the Remington University party. She gave permission to Veronica Sawyer to become a part of her group and appeared to be closer to Veronica than she was to the other two Heathers. Heather Chandler’s color is red, which symbolizes her power as leader of the school.

Heather Duke (Heather D.)

The newest leader of the Heathers after Heather Chandler's death. She was childhood friends with Martha "Dumptruck" Dunnstock, much to her embarrassment. Heather Duke's color is green, which symbolizes her envy of Heather Chandler's power over the school.

Heather Schneider

Brave and funny, Heather Schneider was Heather Chandler's closest friend and by far the most popular in the group. She went missing on August 31st, 1989, and the Heathers unwillingly replaced her with Veronica Sawyer. Her signature colour is light pink, which symbolizes her closeness to Heather Chandler. Her character is not in the movie but appears in the musical on occasion as a ghost, and her character plays a role in the manga as well.

Heather McNamara (Heather Mc.)

Unlucky and weak-willed, she was the head cheerleader at Westerburg High. She was the girlfriend of Ram Sweeney until his death, which prompts her to attempt suicide by overdosing on prescription pills but is stopped by Veronica Sawyer. Heather McNamara's color is yellow, which symbolizes her cautious nature, although the day she attempts suicide, she wears black, symbolizing that shes hit rock bottom.

Veronica Sawyer

The only member of the popular clique whos first name isnt Heather, she was involved in the deaths of Heather Chandler, Ram Sweeney, and Kurt Kelly. After J.D.'s suicide, she takes Heather Chandler's red scrunchie from Heather Duke and claims, "There's a new sheriff in town." Veronica Sawyer's color is blue, which symbolizes order.

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