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Ram Sweeney
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Name Ram Sweeney
Alias ...
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Murdered)
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation Student
Relatives Mr. Sweeney (Father)
Friends Kurt Kelly
Actor PJ Griffith (2010)

Jon Eidson (2013-14)
Jakob Ambrose (2015-16)
Dominic Andersen (2017-18)

Early Life

Described by Martha in Kindergarten Boyfriend Ram was just as sporty as a kid and maybe even more popular, the two seemed to get along well and it's also when Martha's crush developed on him in the first place, it's been considered that the two were mocked for their friendship due to Martha's appearance, which caused Ram to distance himself from her. There isn't really any other mention of his childhood other than from the Heathers when they mention that Ram and Martha kissed on the kickball field (Martha also mentions it in Kindergarten Boyfriend .)


Ram's appearance changes depending on which actor is playing him, but his most popular appearance (the off-Broadway version; originally portrayed by Jon Eidson) is a striped shirt with a white collar, a Westerberg letter jacket, dark blue jeans and plain sneakers


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After he and Kurt meet up with Veronica at the graveyard, the duo is encouraged to strip down to their underwear and count to three, J.D. interrupts their "three" and shoots them both. Killing Ram and wounding Kurt. Ram dies immediately due to being shot in the head, while J.D. and Kurt have a chase around the graveyard, of course, Kurt ends up dying anyway.


Kurt Kelly

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Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2
 replacement songs


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