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Ram Sweeney is an athlete at Westerburg High School. He played Defensive Linebacker on the Westerburg High School football team.


Ram had chestnut brown hair, blue eyes and had a burly physique due being a jock. He was often seen sporting his letterman jacket.


Dim-witted, sexist, homophobic and rude. He often bullies weaker "nerdy" students only to show how strong he is and try to compensante for his lack of intelligence.


Ram Sweeney was shot in the throat and killed by Jason (JD) Dean when Kurt Kelly and Ram were tricked into coming to the woods behind the school to have a threesome with Veronica Sawyer. There, right before stripping Veronica, Ram was shot by JD with a pistol. After Ram and Kurt died, JD and Veronica forged a suicide note saying that Ram and Kurt had killed themselves because they had to hide their gay love from a disapproving world, which everyone believed.


Kurt Kelly

Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly are best friends and both on the football team. They are seen talking and laughing in the cafeteria during the lunchtime poll. They also bully J.D. together, when they get threatened with a gun full of blanks. When they are both murdered, they are falsely revealed to be in a homosexual relationship; however, that's not true and their relationship is strictly platonic.

Veronica Sawyer

Kurt and Ram are seen on several occasions trying to ask out Veronica. They take Veronica and Heather McNamara to a field after Heather Chandler's funeral, when Veronica rejects their sexual intentions, they spread a rumor around the entire school that they had an "oral threesome with Veronica." Kurt and Ram are later murdered by Veronica and her boyfriend J.D.

Heather McNamara

Ram and H. McNamara went on several dates and had sex in a meadow. Although they are not dating, McNamara admits during a radio call that she does like him a bit, but there is never confirmation of Ram's feelings in return.


  • "Let's kick his ass!"
  • "I want to get a Heather and put her on my johnson and just start spinning her around like a goddamn pinwheel."