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Martha Dunnstock
277x400px Pictured:
Name Martha Dunnstock
Alias Martha Dumptruck
Age 17
Gender Female
Status Alive (Survived Suicide Attempt)
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation Student
Friends Veronica Sawyer
Actor Julie Garnye (2010)

Katie Ladner (2013-14)
Lauren McKenna (2015-16)
Lizzie Bea (2017)
Jenny O'Leary (2018)


Although her appearance could change, Martha is known for the actress Katie Ladner's portrayal of her, she keeps her hair tied up with a headband/hair tie, and wears magenta colored glasses, a necklace and a light pink long sleeve with a unicorn printed onto it, she wears jeans of a similar color and the outfit is complete with light brown ankle boots.


Martha seems to be a pretty cheerful and friendly person before Veronica turns into a Heather, but after it happens it seems like her personality and life fall apart, after her survived suicide attempt, it's noticeable that she's no longer the cheerful innocent girl that she was in the first act of the musical. Although there's no indication that she gets better, it can be considered that she will at some point.

Attempted Suicide

Kindergarten Boyfriend is Martha reading her suicide note, it describes in detail about how much she really loved Ram, and now that he's dead and Veronica's abandoned her, she's lost all hope. The song ends with her harmonizing and eventually fading out. In Yo Girl, we find out that she was standing on the Old Mill Bridge, and she jumped off of it.


Veronica Sawyer

The two have been close friends since childhood and remained that way until Veronica left her for popularity.

Musical Numbers

Act 1
  • None
Act 2


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