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Kurt Kelly
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Name Kurt Kelly
Alias ...
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Murdered)
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation Student
Relatives Mr. Kelly
Friends Ram Sweeney
Actor James Snyder (2010)

Evan Todd (2013-14)
Vincent Hooper (2015-16)
Liam Doyle (2017)
Chris Chung (2018)

Early Life

Not enough has been said about his early life to write a description about it.


Kurt's appearance has changed a couple of times due to the actor playing him, but his most known appearance (the off-Broadway version; originally portrayed by Evan Todd) is a basic elbow cut shirt, a Westerberg letter jacket, dark blue jeans and plain sneakers.


Kurt is described by Veronica as being a "huge dick", and we can't really argue with that. He's the cliche high school jock, egotistical, abrasive, and inconsiderate. He's loud and isn't afraid to get physical if he needs/wants to. And he also can be seen messing with other students. 


After he and Ram meet up with Veronica at the graveyard, the duo is encouraged to strip down to their underwear and close their eyes and count to three, J.D. interrupts their "three" and shoots them both. Killing Ram and wounding Kurt, the two have a chase around the graveyard; Kurt attempts to escape by climbing the fence but fails, J.D. monologues before shooting him again, killing him by doing so, the murder is framed as a suicide and the funeral takes place in My Dead Gay Son.


Ram Sweeney

The two are seen almost always by each others side, falling into the category of childhood best friends, they can be seen doing whatever pleases them (Being either massive perverts or massive douchebags), and happily getting away with doing so.

Heather McNamara

Heather McNamara described Kurt as her "sort-of-boyfriend", but that doesn't mean they weren't together! In Big Fun, the two can be seen dancing together quite often, then again, the jock duo dance with all of the Heathers, so it might not mean much.

Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2
 replacement songs


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