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Kurt Kelly is a secondary character of the cult classic film Heathers. He is the quarterback of the Westerburg High School football team.


Kurt had brown hair and blue eyes. He was muscular and handsome and often wore his red and white letterman jacket.


Kurt is a stereotypical jock character. Alongside Ram, he is often seen bullying people and making obscene jokes. He is sexist and spread a false rumor that Veronica had sex with him and his friend Ram, only to make himself look powerful. Compared to Ram, he seems slightly smarter, though.

Death & Funeral

Veronica joins a date with Kurt, Ram, and Heather McNamara. They visit a cow pasture, where Kurt and Ram end up drunkenly tipping cows. Veronica leaves the date early, but in the following days, Kurt and Ram spread the rumor of a threesome occurring in the cow pasture. After becoming the laughing stock of the school because of the false rumors about her, Veronica teams up with JD, and they plot to enact revenge on Kurt and Ram by staging a homosexual love affair turned murder-suicide pact. Kurt and Ram agree to meet Veronica to engage in a threesome. There, JD shoots and kills Ram, but Veronica misses Kurt, who escapes. Eventually, JD chases Kurt back to Veronica where she panics and shoots him in the chest.

Kurt and Ram are given a joint funeral. They both adorned with their football helmets and posed with footballs in their casket. In the movie, the pastor gives an animated speech about learning a lesson about love from the two star-crossed lovers; turning Ram and Kurt into martyrs against homophobia.


Ram Sweeney

Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly are best friends and both on the football team. They are seen talking and laughing in the cafeteria during the lunchtime poll. They also bully J.D. together, when they get threatened with a gun full of blanks. When they are both murdered, they are falsely revealed to be in a homosexual relationship, which although not true (their relationship is strictly platonic), its unknown weather he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community or not.

Veronica Sawyer

Kurt and Ram are seen on several occasions trying to ask out Veronica. They take Veronica and Heather McNamara to a field after Heather Chandler's funeral, when Veronica rejects their sexual intentions, they spread a rumor around the entire school that they had an "oral threesome with Veronica." Kurt and Ram are later murdered by Veronica and her boyfriend J.D.


  • "I'm telling you man, it would be so righteous to be in a Veronica Sawyer/Heather Chandler sandwich."
  • "You make my balls so blue."
  • "What did your boyfriend say when you told 'em you were movin' to Sherwood, Ohio?"