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Jason Dean
Ryan3 Pictured: Ryan McCartan
Name Jason Dean
Alias J.D.
Age 17
Gender Male
Status Deceased (Suicide)
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation Student
Relatives Mr. Dean (father)
Friends Veronica Sawyer (Girlfriend)
Actor Jeremy Jordan (2010)

Ryan McCartan (2013-14)
Stephen Madsen (2015-16)
Jamie Muscato (2017-18)

Early Life

J.D's childhood shaped him into the person he became in the musical. Though we don't know a whole lot of aspects from his childhood, we know his mothers death was a crucial point.


J.D's signature features we've noted from the people who have played him professionally, he is usually portrayed by a Caucasian male with either blonde or brown hair. Clothing wise, J.D wears a black trench coat, black pants, a black shirt and black shoes. The black represents his dark personality.


His personality is explored a lot more in the musical, compared to the movie. In the musical, you can see he isn't as much as a psychopath, but more of a damaged, fucked up kid with some sociopathic tendencies.


Heather Chandler

She was murdered by the drain cleaner in her hangover cure, while others do think it was a suicide, only Veronica and J.D. know what actually happened that morning.

Kurt Kelly and Ram Sweeney

Both were fatally shot by J.D. in the graveyard, but just like Heather Chandler, their murder was framed as a suicide, claimed to be out of fear that people would judge them for their "gay forbidden love."

Westerburg High Bombing & Suicide

J.D. had a plan to bomb the school, though Veronica felt differently about this plan. So much so that she goes down to the boiler room stop him-- J.D getting shot in the process with his own gun. Veronica takes the bomb, goes to the football field, attempting to blow her self up, but to no avail, she doesn't. J.D. follows her whilst having his gun wound, and takes the bomb. He tells her that she should go on with life, and that he is at the point that he's so damaged, the point to where he couldn't get help. his last words to Veronica are "Our love is god.".


Veronica Sawyer

The two first meet at a local 7/11 when Veronica goes there to get snacks for Ram's party, the two become closer and J.D. almost immediately opens up to her, claiming that he often goes to 7/11 to get slushies and "numb the pain" he feels. (Freeze Your Brain) And after Heather Chandler excludes Veronica from the Heathers clique, Veronica manages to find his house and come in through his bedroom window, the two exchange a few words before proceeding to have sex. (Dead Girl Walking) It's safe to assume they're dating after this, considering they go to Heather Chandler's house together. The events that occur afterward aren't exactly ideal dates, though.

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