Heathers Wiki is dedicated to bringing every little bit of info about one of the best cult films of the 80's: Heathers!!! Starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, this dark comedy goes against the typical John Hughes' teen films of that era. From quotable quotes (What's your damage?) to fashionable shoulder pads and to Ich Lüge bullets, Heathers is worth knowing EVERYTHING about!!

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What's Your Damage?

An encyclopedia of everything you need to know about the cult classic film Heathers!

In the fictional school of Westerburg High, a high society clique known as the "Heathers" rule the school. The story follows the lethal adventures of the only non-Heather of the clique, Veronica Sawyer, and the new kid in town, Jason "J.D." Dean, as they take their revenge on the bullies of Westerburg High.

They say we should grow up, be adults and die... but first, we'd like to see Heather Chandler puke her guts out!

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