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Heather McNamara
H. MaNamara Musical Pictured: Elle McLemore
Name Heather McNamara
Alias ...
Age 17 (assumed)
Gender female
Status alive (suicide attempt)
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation student
Affiliation The Heathers
Friends Veronica Sawyer
Heather Chandler
Heather Duke
Martha Dunnstock
Actor Corri English (2010)

Elle McLemore (2013-14)
Erin Clare (2015-16)
Sophie Isaacs (2017-18)

Early Life

No information has currently been released about her early life.


McNamaras appearance changes through the different actresses, but her most popular appearance (the off broadway version-- originally portrayed by Elle McLemore) consists of a yellow blazer with a matching yellow skirt, a black belt with a bow on it, a shirt that is a darker yellow, knee high socks that are yellow, and black shoes with heels.


McNamara is the Heather that is considered the weakest, and easily manipulated. As evident throughout the musical, McNamara had confidence, but it was only while Chandler was alive. But, when Chandler 'committed suicide', McNamara depended on Duke as a way to stay popular. This was an easy way to manipulate McNamara.

Attempted Suicide

McNamaras attempted suicide happened in the song Shine A Light (reprise) when Duke, was inciting her to kill herself, saying that she was a crybaby. McNamara tried to commit suicide by taking the whole container of anti depressants, but this did not happen, because just at the moment when she was going to swallow the pills, Veronica pushes her down, and tells her to spit out the anti depressants.


Veronica Sawyer

[need description]

Heather Chandler

[need description]

Heather Duke

[need description]

Martha Dunnstock

[need description]

Musical Numbers

Act 1
  • "Candy Store"H. Chandler, H. McNamara & H. Duke
  • "Big Fun"Ram, Kurt, Veronica, H. Chandler, H. McNamara, H. Duke & Popular Kids
  • "Blue"Ram, Kurt, H. McNamara & H. Duke
  • "Blue (reprise)" † – Ram, Kurt, H. Duke, H. McNamara & Company
Act 2


  • "Jesus, I'm on the freaking bus again because all of my rides to school are dead!"
  • "The tiniest lifeboat, full of people I know..."
  • "Fine! Go braid her hair maybe sesame street is on..."
  • "If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, i'd have matching halves, that's very important.
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