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Heather Duke
Heather duke Pictured: Alice Lee
Name Heather Duke
Age 17
Gender female
Status alive
Personal Status
School Westerburg High School
Occupation Student
Affiliation The Heathers
Friends Heather Chandler
Heather McNamara
Veronica Sawyer
Actor Christine Lakin (2010)
Kristolyn Lloyd (2013)
Alice Lee (2014)
Libby Asciak (2015-16)
Gabrielle Lewis-Dodson (2017)
T'Shan Williams (2018)

= Appearance

Mid length jet black hair usually worn in a side ponytail by a green scrunchie. She wears a deep green sweater with a white tee, black mini skirt, green stockings, and black pumps in the muscial.


Jealous and friendly. Rude to most people, is constantly bullied by Heather Chandler until she dies, but after that, Heather Duke starts taking her anger out on other people and enjoying their pain (e.g. Heather McNamara)

Rise and Fall of Power

When Heather C. was murdered Heather Duke rose to power. During the song "Dead Girl Walking reprise" Veronica Sawyer confronts Duke and she runs off.


Veronica Sawyer

The only “non-Heather” in the Heathers, Heather C. takes her on to make her beautiful at the beginning of the show, so Heather Duke tolerates her, but it is clear in lines like, “Of course she could stand to use a few pounds.” that she is unhappy that Veronica is getting the spotlight.

Heather Chandler

Leader of the Heathers. While she is alive, Heather C. constantly makes fun of Heather D., telling her to “Shut up, Heather” and making fun of her eating disorders telling her, “Grow up heather, bulimia is so ’87.” Once Heather C. dies, Heather Duke takes her place and revels in the fact that she no longer has to shut up.

Heather McNamara

One of the Heathers. During Act Two, Heather D. belittles her tries to convince her to commit suicide and almost succeeds until Veronica intervenes.

Musical Numbers

Act 1
Act 2

† - replacement song


  • "Sorry, Heather."
  • "Just another geek trying to imitate the popular people and failing miserably."
  • “Why don’t you hop in your lifeboat and catch a a gnarly wave over to Remington.”
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